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Orientation to the Profession -
DA 01
A general overview of the dental profession is given including a discussion of professional associations, dental specialties, and the role of the Dental Assistant in the general dental office. Dental ethics are reviewed, emphasizing the Dental Assistant's obligation to observe established principles. This course is designed to give the student basic skills in the initial reception, seating, and examination of the patient. Students learn proper instrument transfer techniques, dental operatory equipment, oral evacuation placement and are introduced to oral anatomy.

Initial Clinical Orientation -
DA 02
Students practice using basic dental instruments and obtain an understanding of composite and amalgam dental filling procedures, including Tofflemire matrix assembly. Students learn to take alginate impressions and pour up models. Chairside role-playing situations are created to give students actual experience assisting the doctor.

Dental Anatomy & Physiology -
DA 03
This course is designed to provide the student with an understanding and knowledge of dental anatomy as well as function. The individual characteristics of dental anatomy and terminology are studied as well as the human dentition and supporting structures.

Dental Charting -
DA 04
In this course students learn the methods and symbols used in the dental office to properly record all needed and existing patient treatment. Classification of cavities is discussed, and students practice preparing and maintaining dental charts using appropriate symbols, terminology and abbreviations.

Sterilization & Infection Control -
DA 05
The importance of maintaining sterility in the dental environment is discussed. Various methods of sanitization, disinfection, and sterilization of operatories and instruments are practiced. Students are given a broader look at the potential spreading of disease from a dental setting and an understanding of protection procedures relating to AIDS education and management. Students are taught proper infection control and how to protect the patient, doctor, and themselves.

Dental X-Ray Techniques I -
DA 06
This course covers the history of radiography with particular attention given to the potential hazards of radiation. State and OSHA safety laws are discussed along with procedures for effecting proper protection. The students learn about the different types of dental x-ray units, x-ray film, and the procedure for exposing bitewing film. Students gain proficiency on scanning and use of digital radiograph software.

Dental X-Ray Techniques II -
DA 07
Students learn how to expose dental periapical and bitewing radiographs, and proper use of the Rinn Paralleling Technique using the XCP film holder. Film development and mounting of a full series of radiographs using anatomic landmarks are practiced. Students are given a demonstration of panoramic radiology and gain an understanding of this procedure.

Instrumentation -
DA 08
This course is designed to provide the student with a fundamental knowledge of the hand, surgical, and rotary instruments used in the dental office. The student will become proficient in setting up trays and instrument transfer. Preparation, placement and removal of a rubber dental dam is instructed and practiced. Students are also taught to perform coronal and selective polishing and to use various polishing instruments.

Dental Materials I -
DA 09
This course provides the student with an understanding of restorative dental materials commonly used in the dental office. The student will become proficient in the manipulation of and preparation of filling materials. Proper mixing, placement and removal of temporary restorations and periodontal dressings are also performed.

Dental Materials II -
DA 10
This course is designed to provide the student with the basic knowledge as it relates to dental impression materials, waxes, and gypsum products. Students will gain an understanding regarding the use of impression materials and practice mixing various types of impression materials. Students are taken to a dental laboratory and instructed on the pour up and trimming of dental models from impressions. Temporary crown and bridge fabrication is practiced. Students also learn placement of dental sealants.

Advanced Clinical Procedures I -
DA 11
During this course, students will have the opportunity of assisting in various operative procedures including cavity preparations and fillings, root canal procedures, and surgical extraction procedures, learn suture removal methods, and temporary crown fabrication. Students will take and develop x-rays, chart dental records, and sterilize instruments.

Advanced Clinical Procedures II -
DA 12
Students will practice chairside assisting with more advanced procedures such as surgical extractions and crown and bridge preparations. This course includes learning how to remove surgical sutures and practice on patient education about dental health care and nutrition. Proper brushing and flossing techniques will be instructed and practiced.

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